Application Process

The EUCF application process consists of 2 steps: The eligibility check and the full application.

Municipalities and local authorities, as well as groupings of municipalities/local authorities located in the European Union and the UK are able to apply to receive EUCF support. If you want to know whether you are eligible for EUCF support, scroll down and access the eligibility check directly online.

After successfully passing the eligibility check, you can complete the online full application form (PDF version) in the EUCF website user zone. Please make sure you use the templates below to upload the supporting documents.

For more detailed information, go to Guidelines for Applicants.



The short eligibility check tells you at the beginning of the process whether you are eligible for EUCF support. This may save you precious time and resources.You are eligible if you can reply with YES to all questions of the check (see image).Supporting documents are not required at this stage.

After completing the check, you will immediately be informed about your results and the next steps.

 If you want to know whether you are eligible for EUCF support, start your application here


After successfully passing the eligibility check, you can register to the EUCF website user zone and complete your online full application there.

For the required supporting documents, you are encouraged to use the templates below.

Annex A: SEAP, SECAP or plan of similar ambition and corresponding summary of the plan (download here)
Annex B: Letter of support to the project by the mayor or other relevant political representative (download here)
Annex C: Self-declaration form by a representative of the municipality/local authority or grouping (download here)
Annex D: Calculation log – Expected energy savings (download here)
Annex E: Calculation log – Expected size of investment (download here)

You are encouraged to use the corresponding templates for the preparation of the supporting documents.                                                                                                      

Applications are evaluated by a dedicated evaluation team. Within the limit of the available budget, the best scored applications are selected to receive EUCF support. Details on the evaluation process can be found in the Guidelines for Applicants.



In line with EUCF objectives, you are strongly encouraged to join forces and resources with your partners and submit joint applications. Not only may this increase the ambition of your proposal, moreover, it might increase the chances of a successful application. You want to apply as a grouping? Check the image and see what you should consider when applying as a grouping.