HOW does the EUCF work?

The design of the EUCF allows for decentral and tailor-made support to small- and medium-sized municipalities through country experts, national networks of local authorities and activities across Europe.


For each EU Member State, the consortium appointed a country expert to support cities in their ‘city journey’ and the core management team in the smooth EUCF operation.

Country experts have been selected based on their proven technical and financial competences and national/local working experience in the field of energy and climate investments, their existing relations and contacts with cities.

List of country experts



One national network of local authorities per EU Member State has been selected to reach out to potential EUCF beneficiaries in the country and to promote the EUCF's activities in a country-specific manner.

List of national networks of local authorities (coming soon)

In order to allow for monitoring of the delivered and implemented investment concepts and to ensure efficient exploitation and replication based on a regional approach, strong replication and capacity building activities, called EU added value activities, will take place during the EUCF´s second phase (year 3-4). This will allow supporting the beneficiaries in giving the step forward towards the financing of their sustainable energy projects.